Turn the phone you have into the one you want.

Say goodbye to outdated smartphones and hello to the future with our groundbreaking trade-in program. With Link Up Bahamas, trading in your old smartphone is a breeze. Simply bring in your device, regardless of its condition, and we'll offer you a competitive trade-in value towards a shiny new phone.

How your offer is calculated.

We use these factors to determine the value of your offer. If your iPhone was bought from us, the value increases!

Ready to Upgrade?

Give us a whatsapp at 817-2316 and let's get you a shiny new upgrade!

Important Things to Know before your Upgrade.

Your Device

No, All information should be backed up via icloud before coming in for a trade-in.

Here's a tutorial on how to backup your data: How to BackUp My Data

If you are unable to do this, we offer a data transfer service for a fee of $30. This process can take up to an hour.

The only iPhones we will not accept are iPhones with the following issues:

β€’ iCloud Locked
β€’ Network Locked
β€’ Doesn't Power On

We only give offers in person at our store, after our technician has assessed the device.

If your device is in great condition, or has been bought from LinkUp, this will increase your offer.

Defects such as broken LCD, face-id, speaker, etc. will decrease your offer.